My approach to photography is to replicate how the eye perceives a building or a space. Sometimes the camera needs a bit of a helping hand to do that: a single frame may not capture the full range of light and dark that our eyes are able to adapt to. I might do that with subtle use of lighting to lift a dark part of the scene, or post-production techniques that combine multiple exposures.

The second aspect to retouching is removing distractions that are not part of the story an architect or designer is seeking to tell with the images. That might be cluttered street furniture or a parked car that can't be moved. Below are a few examples of my retouching work.

Removal of some signage, people, and car lights:

Removing streetlamp, removing car behind fence, removing foreground distractions, extending the image at top and bottom:

Removed scissor lift, replicated columns, removed distracting foreground signage.