Etch House by Fraher Architects - hacking the Victorian terrace

This is Etch House by Fraher Architects and their sister joinery company Shape London. Lizzie and Joe - the directors of Fraher - gutted their Victorian terraced house and totally reconfigured the floors, walls and staircase to create a completely different space. It was fascinating to shoot something so different within the familiar confines of a South London terraced house (very familiar, 'cause I live in one!). There is more about the project in a write up on Dezeen:


The original hallway would have gone straight ahead under the moulded heads, they are now recollected in the coloured joinery while one steps down to the right to enter the new open plan ground floor


The original staircase is etched out in the storage cupboards


The new staircase on the opposite side of the house to the original. The front of the house originally had a higher floor level which has been lowered to create a seamless ground floor.


The wood pile is comprised of the timbers of the old house - floor boards, joists, and banister spindles.


The rear extension with a huge glass door and a wildflower roof


A bright workspace on the first floor landing - the landings become generous and usable spaces in the new configuration of the house


The children have the run of the loft floor, with a bedroom, play room, and play area on the landing.